Episode 9 | Carny Knowledge

Plot (Spoiler)

During a “Generation Gap” game at the Quahog Fall Festival, Peter and Chris discover that they don’t know much about each other. Lois orders them to hang out more, and they quickly bond over making fun of her habits, eventually gaining control of the household by outvoting her. At the advice of Bonnie and Donna, Lois fakes a series of essays and voicemails to make them bicker. Peter and Chris catch on and vow revenge by threatening to destroy Lois’ piano. After being called out on her hypocrisy, Lois admits that her payback was mostly rooted in her hurt feelings, but Peter refuses to forgive her until she gets a Mark Davis haircut, which she previously tricked him into doing. Meanwhile, Brian falls for a carny named Amber (Nicole Sullivan). He assumes this relationship will be perfect because it will only last three days and consist of nothing but sex. However, Amber breaks up with him due to them having nothing in common. With his ego wounded, Brian strives to get her back just so he can be the one to call it off, but is threatened into staying with her by her shrewd Uncle Earl. Following an implied “rough week,” Brian comes home, only to get crushed by the piano that Peter forgot to unrig. In a twist ending, Peter leaves Lois to find the killer whale that “killed his father,” revealing the episode to be part of a screenplay that Seamus wrote and quickly gains fame for.


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