Episode 13 | Single White Dad

Plot (Spoiler)

Peter attempts to bond with Chris over a game of Donkey Kong, but the latter offers to spice it up by reenacting the game, building its levels over the front of the house. Their escapade ends up breaking Lois’ foot with a rolling water jug, forcing Peter to raise his children without her for a week. His initial attempts at solo parenting yield mixed results, but he is soon noticed by the public who mistake him for a single parent and laud him for his efforts. Peter decides to pretend that Lois is dead so he can revel in the perks of this, eventually becoming a local celebrity. This catches the attention of a single mother named Becky who offers him and Stewie to have regular playdates at her place. She soon falls for him as he reminds him of her late husband Scott (a running gag is that nobody wants to hear about it) and kisses him. After seeking his pals’ advice, Peter decides to break things off before Lois finds out, but Becky invites herself over for dinner. Peter spends the whole evening trying to keep the two women from meeting, but after a series of shenanigans involving Bonnie, a prowler looking for Meg, and even Timothy Q. Mouse (Jay Pharoah), he fails at the task. While both are upset that he lied, Peter admits to his motivation behind it and states that he’s proud to have a mother to help raise his kids. Lois suggests that Becky can do so much better than him anyway, to which she agrees, but she ends up leaving in a huff after nobody will let her tell Scott’s story for the third time as Quagmire and Cleveland watch her departure.

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