Episode 15 | Adoptation

Plot (Spoiler)

After one of Carter’s ships spills oil into the Gulf of Mexico, he strives to rebuild his image per the suggestion of his PR people. As Lois won’t let him blame Peter for the incident, he decides to take a photo-op with an orphan girl named Tatum, but quickly grows to enjoy her company and decides to take her in. This upsets Lois, knowing how poorly he raised her, and she only becomes more jealous when she realizes how well Tatum is being taken care of. Her jealousy peaks after he takes everyone to the Newport Zoo––something he failed to do when she was a kid––where she ends up losing track of Tatum. Following a shenanigan-filled search, the Griffins find her trapped inside the gorilla exhibit as a rescue worker is killed trying to get her out. Taking the blame for the situation, Lois climbs in and manages to drive the gorillas away by rambling about her bizarre dreams (foreshadowed in the cold open), before apologizing to Carter for her behavior. Carter explains that he knows he wasn’t the best father, and just wants to make up for his past mistakes. However, this turns out to be short-lived by the final scene as he decides that Tatum must leave since he is unable to hear her during dinner at his lengthy table. Peter is shown outside on a giraffe who states that Carter’s table is too long.


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