Episode 12 | Old West

Plot (Spoiler)

For Father’s Day, Peter is sent out on a scavenger hunt alongside Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire that is supervised by Principal Sheperd. After finding clues at Goodwill and even at Ernie the Giant Chicken’s mansion, the hunt leads them to Wild West’s ranch, where they find him preparing for a western showdown with his absentee father Old West (Gerald McRaney) as he does every year. Old West soon arrives to make amends, but his son refuses to hear him out, angry at how he walked out on him as a child. While camping out in the Griffins’ backyard, he details his backstory in which he tried to clean up his outlaw reputation for the sake of his son, but had no luck and reverted back to crime after a failed America’s Got Talent audition. Peter tries to help him become a better dad by changing his getup and letting him offer dating advice to Chris, but Wild still won’t listen and calls for his father’s arrest. Alongside the others and Wild’s stepfather Allen (Tony Hale), Peter breaks him out, using a Trojan Horse version of Harry Bosch to distract Joe, and bring him back to the ranch one last time. Old confesses that the real reason why he left his son was to ensure he would not grow up to be like him. Wild forgives his father, but never wants to see him again. Old West rides off for good to meet his other son, who plans to shoot him on Independence Day.


    1. There are subtitles for this episode.

      Click the play button
      Click click the “>>” in the bottom right corner
      Click “Subtitles” -> English.

      You can also click “Auto” and all your episodes will have subtitles. Hope this helps!

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