Episode 6 | Happy Holo-ween

Plot (Spoiler)

While at the Halloween Carnival with his family and friends, Peter stumbles across the owner of a hologram-themed attraction, who shows off a device that can create interactive holograms. After bribing the inventor, Peter decides to make a hologram based on the best version of himself to get out of menial tasks. While he enjoys this at first, he grows jealous after seeing his hologram kiss Lois. The hologram agrees to disappear after being confronted, but turns on his creator and vows to take his family for his own while keeping him trapped in the basement. Lois soon discovers that this new Peter is a fake after noticing his unusual behaviour, but she and the children are trapped by him when they try to escape as holographic Peter has the car keys. The two Peters brawl with Hologram Peter ultimately vanishing after Stewie creates an electrical current via static. After reconciling with his family, Peter later suggests they spend time together only for Lois to suspect that he made another hologram. Stewie then starts to make another electrical current.

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