Episode 8 | Get Stewie

Plot (Spoiler)

Stewie becomes a fan of Mary Elizabeth Becca Ryan (Emmy Raver-Lampman), a young popstar who used to be on his favorite show Jolly Farm to Brian’s annoyance. While at her concert, he posts a viral live tweet that she construes as an insult, resulting in her fanbase harassing him for days on end, even to the point of getting Rupert killed. Meanwhile, Peter finds himself easily fatigued due to his weight, and after refusing to lose weight traditionally, Dr. Hartman suggests he get Lap band surgery, which leaves him with lots of excess skin. He decides to take advantage of his new body by spending more time away from the house, which disappoints Lois, who hoped that his weight loss would help him more easily bond with Chris. Peter ultimately helps his son win the science fair by acting as a human kite, only to be zapped by lightning and reverted back to normal. Stewie decides to confront Mary in person before she leaves her handprint at the Quahog Walk of Fame, only to find that she has already gotten over his comment and barely remembers it. Likewise, his speech falls on deaf ears among her fans. However, he finds solace in the fact that Brian fixed Rupert for him. In the final scene, Peter gets fatigued again as he suggests that Chris plays catch with Boston Dynamics Dad, only to be informed that Boston Dynamics Dad is having sex with Lois.


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