Episode 5 | Unzipped Code

Plot (Spoiler)

When a sex-related injury leaves Jerome bound to a wheelchair, Peter and the guys decide to raise money for his restorative surgery by shooting a sexy men-in-uniform calendar. While the plan is a success, everyone discovers that Cleveland accidentally exposed a testicle while posing, which gets him fired as a mailman. Peter takes Cleveland to work where his expertise with the local roadmaps convinces Preston Lloyd to offer him a delivery job at the Pawtucket Brewery. While dealing with his friend’s incompetence on the job, Cleveland soon manages to earn a promotion while Peter gets demoted to kitchen banter, much to his ire. After being upstaged at a neighborhood party, Peter tries to sabotage Cleveland by sneaking a rat into the main beer tank, but his plan fails and gets him fired by Preston. Cleveland vouches for him, claiming that every workplace needs some mediocre employees. Preston agrees not to fire Peter and offers Cleveland a promotion, which he refuses. While Peter receives the promotion, Cleveland goes back to his old job only for the postmaster to reveal that a reinstatement form had been sent a week prior since all firings have to be approved by the “union head”. Cleveland tries and fails to bind his testicle with a rubber band in order to avoid a repeat of the incident. In the final scene, Peter congratulates Cleveland for getting his job back as Peter goes to take a selfie with Mort.

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