Episode 7 | Peterschmidt Manor

Plot (Spoiler)

After purchasing a new pitching machine, Peter develops a fascination with it. The Griffins are temporarily compelled to reside at Pewterschmidt Manor after he floods the house while attempting to use it to unclog a toilet. They must remain so that Carter can attend the burial of Meredith, the nanny who cared for Lois as a youngster but unexpectedly left while still a minor. The others convert the estate into a hotel as Lois and Carter go for the burial. Stewie and Brian attempt to set up Elle Hitler with Dr. Hartman during all the chaos, but this leads to a love triangle involving Principal Shepherd as well. Stewie makes up for Elle choosing Hartman because he is wealthy by tripping Hartman’s mother into Shepherd’s arms. While doing so, Lois and Carter travel three states away to the funeral home. Jacqueline, Meredith’s sporadically blind sister, tells Lois that Meredith was actually dismissed by Carter after Babs discovered the two were having an affair. Lois is upset with her father for destroying her upbringing and taking away the only person who ever stood by her. She refuses to talk to him after the funeral but does so on the way home when Carter asks someone he picked up from LAX for a favor. When Lois gets home, Carter takes her to a man-made lake where she may go whenever she misses Meredith.

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