Episode 12 | The Lois Quagmire

Plot (Spoiler)

Inviting Lois to her elegant high school reunion. She invites Quagmire to attend the function as her spouse because she is worried that Peter would disgrace her. In doing so, Quagmire surpasses Lois and makes her feel left behind by impressing her former classmates. Later, Lois tells Quagmire that she wanted him to approach her so she could reject him and feel better about herself. Quagmire responds that he was being respectful by keeping his distance from her and that Lois could have invited Peter if she wanted that kind of attention.

The other Griffins order pizza in the meantime, against Lois’ wishes that they eat nutritious food, only for the delivery man to have a heart attack and pass away on their toilet. They choose to cover up his death by completing the remaining deliveries while Meg disguises herself as his corpse. Later, they choose to push the deceased pizza delivery man into the sewers, only for Lois to come home and discover what occurred. She apologizes for not inviting him to her reunion because she is too delighted to care and Peter is happy that he is not required to attend.

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