Episode 10 | Christmas Crime

Plot (Spoiler)

A Happy Asking Panda commercial features the toy, which has flashing eyes after gathering data such as banking details and passwords. The Griffins are getting ready for Christmas as they watch Mayor Wild West present a hand-carved nativity scene, but Brian is feeling pessimistic about the occasion due to its emphasis on consumerism. He accidently drives his automobile into the nativity scene at the Drunken Clam after a few too many beers, then parks it among the other junkers in the Spirit Airlines parking lot to disguise the damage. To the dismay of the family, West asks everyone in Quahog about the theft of his artwork and temporarily employs Brian to look for leads before deciding to postpone Christmas until the offender is identified.

West finds a baby Jesus head impression on the hood of Brian’s car when picking up his aunt at the airport and arrests him after receiving a tip from Stewie, who wanted a Happy Asking Panda toy. Brian observes from his prison cell at the Quahog Police Department how joyful everyone is on Christmas, particularly Stewie who received his Happy Asking Panda, and learns that the occasion is not just about consumerism but also about family. Brian is freed from his cell by West, who explains that everything was a hoax to teach him the true meaning of Christmas. As Stewie makes advantage of the Happy Asking Panda’s functions, it is made clear that the toy’s factory in China is using the Happy Asking Panda to seize American assets by gathering banking data. The owner of the factory hears from one of his employees that they discovered $17 in the Griffin family account, but that amount is insufficient to pay for the $23 needed to produce it, causing the plant to shut down.

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