Episode 17 | All About Alana

Plot (Spoiler)

The episode begins with Peter set to wed Alana Fitzgerald (Elizabeth Gillies), but Stewie, who is narrating, interrupts and describes what happened instead, comparing the circumstances to those in All About Eve, Single White Female, Swimfan, and Obsessed. One of Alana’s best piano pupils, she is having trouble paying her tuition at the Juilliard School, so Lois offers to let her move in and work for the Griffins to help her out. Alana is one of Lois’ top piano students. Although Lois is suspicious that Alana is seeking something more, she does an excellent job at her responsibilities and is liked by practically everyone. Brian tries to confront her but is unsuccessful, so Lois decides to give Alana the cash early so she can go.

Alana uses it to hire some criminals to kill Lois, allowing her to take over her life and have her hair styled to look like Lois’. Lois is kidnapped at the Stop & Shop parking lot, bound, and thrown off a cliff. Alana then leaves a fictitious note claiming that Lois left to become a lesbian. The church where the wedding is being held is below the cliff when Lois crashes into it in the present. Alana admits that she never liked Stewie and that she was simply envious of Lois’ happiness and of the way Peter treats her. Joen then takes Alana into custody. Later, Lois pays Alana a visit at Quahog State Prison.

While Lois is being hauled away by a prison guard, Alana apologizes for what she did and asks to switch places with her once more after discovering what amenities the prison offers. Stewie ends the narration as Alana returns to her cell, but Chris enters and announces that his father had given him permission to do so. Chris then tells the audience about All About Beave, a pornographic spoof of All About Eve that he witnessed.

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