Episode 11 | Mister Act

Plot (Spoiler)

Peter gives Lois a “Pedalton,” a stationary cycle, for Valentine’s Day after learning about it on The Today Show during the second hour. Lois rapidly develops a riding addiction and gains a lean, athletic physique as a result. Peter is urged to try the bike as well, but suffers testicular damage, which raises his voice’s pitch. The choir guys are not thrilled with him overshadowing them, but the pastor notices this while they are at church and asks him to join. Peter enlists Jesus Christ, who trains him in a manner akin to The Karate Kid, to aid him in defending himself. He succeeds, but enough of a crucifix falls on him for his voice to return to normal.

Stewie, meanwhile, is seduced by Lois’ new body and interprets all of her actions as flirtatious, particularly during a “Mommy & Me” session, where she later allows him to spend the night in her bed. Stewie discovers that his mother’s physique has returned to normal after quitting after three days after recognizing how manly her body was becoming when he tries to recreate the “romantic” evening. Later, Lois creates a PSA about abandoned exercise equipment.

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