Episode 13 | Lawyer Guy

Peter buys a hammock for the backyard after seeing one in a Corona ad, but his new backyard neighbor’s sprinkler prevents him from unwinding. In order to sue his neighbor, he employs a local attorney named Brick Baker (Jay Pharoah), but when he gets to court, he realizes that the neighbor and the attorney are one and the same. Peter narrowly prevails thanks to the testimony of his friends, who testified before the judge (Wendie Malick); in retaliation, Brick sends his friends to see the musical “Surfin’ Bird,” taking them away from Peter. Brick concedes when Peter demands his buddies return to him after an unsuccessful attempt to have his family engage in the same kind of conversation they had at the pub.

While Brian is craving a lobster roll, Stewie brings him to a truck selling them, but because of the long queue, they decide to go lobster fishing instead. Rupert finds up being thrown into the murky ocean depths when their boat is jolted by a storm. Stewie sets out on his own after they failed to save him the first time, only for him to pass out on the ocean floor and be found by Brian.

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