Episode 16 | Prescription Heroine

Plot (Spoiler)

On his approach to the door to yell at the delivery man, Brian breaks his arm. When Brian uses all the bottle of painkillers that Lois was prescribed, she is unable to get her next fix. She makes numerous attempts to obtain additional medications. After Lois almost drowns Stewie during one attempt, Brian steps in and locks her inside his box until she can calm down. Before Cleveland offers to take it and repair it instead, Peter is about to discard his old ping-pong table.

The table immediately becomes popular among the neighbors, which irritates and makes Peter jealous. When Peter and Cleveland engage in a duel to see who gets to keep the table when Brick Baker says he can’t just take it back, the table is broken in the process. Cleveland is relieved and acknowledges that he grew weary of playing ping pong and having guests over after 5 days. Lois resolves to give up drugs and switch to getting high by listening to music that simulates a drug trip after experiencing one more hallucination.


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