Episode 18 | Girlfriend, Eh?

Plot (Spoiler)

Chris discloses to Peter upon his return from Camp Washington Football Team that he has a girlfriend named Jennifaire and uses this information to give Peter unwelcome relationship counsel. To show Chris that his girlfriend is real, Peter drives Chris to Canada on a road trip at Quagmire’s suggestion. Peter tries repeatedly to show that his son is lying, but he eventually admits that he doesn’t think he could find a partner since he is a fat loser. This is hurtful to Chris.

Following an unseen insult from Doug, Stewie accidentally smashes a hole in his bedroom wall, leading to a Bizarro World version of Quahog. As a result, Lois brings in a handyman named Jamie (Justin Hartley), with whom both she and Meg fall in love. They make many attempts to spoil him while also attempting to undermine one another, but as a result of their mischief, Jamie is electrocuted after being thrown onto some electricity lines and subsequently hit by a car, much to Stewie’s dismay.

As Stewie sneaks away in his suitcase during the burial, Lois meets his identical twin (also played by Justin Hartley) but is disappointed to hear that he doesn’t reside in Quahog. When Peter admits that he “used to be” an overweight loser who fabricated a romance in high school, Chris and Peter subsequently reconcile. In support of his father, Chris acts as though he made up Jennifaire when he gets to her home. Jennifaire texts Chris about the same thing and says her dad is Nickelback while he texts her about his dad being a fat loser and to keep sending more nude photographs. The episode finishes with Peter attempting to uphold his prior lie about a CBC show at his high school reunion, but to no avail.

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