Episode 14 | HBO-No

Plot (Spoiler)

The Griffins decide to utilize Peter’s uncle’s HBO Max account until his credit card expires when he dies away. The family turns on the television and watches three Family Guy imitations of HBO programs:

Stewie is proclaimed the new heir to the throne in a parody of Game of Thrones, but Peter later arrives and claims the throne for himself. John is the sole person to survive the war and become king after the White Walkers invade.

In a parody of Succession, Peter tries to decide which member of his family will inherit his company after he passes away despite believing he has decades to live. Although none of his children are chosen, he last-minutely offers Gwendoline Christie the job despite the fact that she had indicated that she would be late for the Game of Thrones parody.

Next, a transgender version of Big Little Lies is broadcast in which Peter, Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland meet Chris for the first time and learn that his son has been charged with assaulting a fellow student. They must also unravel the riddle of the person who urinated at the foot of the school stairs.

At the conclusion, only Peter seems to find what they just seen funny. As “Frolic” plays in the background, he is startled to learn from Chris that the three series they lifted had a combined 114 Emmys while Family Guy has none.

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