Episode 20 | Jersey Bore

Plot (Spoiler)

Since Peter is the least productive employee and Preston’s replacement Dan is playing Ratatouille to the other employees, Preston decides to bring Peter with him on a business trip to Atlantic City to meet with their distributor. Although Peter is hesitant, his friends persuade him that business trips can be enjoyable due to the downtime in between meetings, so he chooses to bring them along secretly. During Preston’s power nap, Peter tries to go to a bar with the boys but is caught. By forcing Preston to break his sobriety, he persuades him to live a little, but this leads to a night of inebriated mischief.

Meanwhile, Chris runs into Heather, a new student, and finds out from her that the school theater is putting on a Romeo + Juliet show that is being sponsored by “Ruth’s Chris Steakhouses.” He makes the decision to try out for the role of Romeo after learning that she has been cast as Juliet. With his coaching, Stewie helps him get the part, but they wind up arguing over the play’s direction, and he ultimately has to take care of it himself.

Even while his stern instructions force Heather to give up, they do exactly what Stewie intended—bring out Chris’ real feelings. Preston is nowhere to be found the following morning, leaving Peter with little alternative but to make the presentation by himself. He deviates from the script and speaks to the executives on the benefits of beer. Having spent the day watching trains and finding the first drink repulsive, Preston is revealed to be in perfect health and is happy for Peter for demonstrating his capacity for achievement. The dead bodies are floating when they arrive at the docks. The Romeo and Juliet play is a triumph in the final scene, with Chris doing a fantastic job as Romeo and Stewie as Juliet. Even the principal Shepherd praises the performance.

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