Episode 6 | Cootie & The Blowhard

Overview (Spoilers Below)

After Brian’s birthday celebration, Peter goes to Joe’s house and samples Bonnie’s dinner, which is unquestionably far better than the crap Lois makes. As a result, Peter starts to sneak away and eat Bonnie’s dinner because he is no longer content with Lois’ food. On one such occasion, Joe arrives home early, forcing Peter to put a stop to the antics, but Lois doesn’t seem to mind as it means she has to prepare less food for dinner.

Stewie learns that one of his buddies has cooties and that because he shared a meal with her, he now has cooties when he is at daycare. When Stewie arrives at the doctor’s office, Dr. Doug informs him that he has actually tested positive for cooties and will soon pass away. Brian is irritated by how far Stewie is carrying this when he learns about it. When Stewie informs Brian that he is traveling to Vermont to participate in an assisted suicide, things get heated. At a post-game press conference, Peter responds to inquiries while Brian just in time prevents Stewie.

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