Episode 5 | Brief Encounter

Overview (Spoilers Below)

The guys head out to Quahog’s new laundromat/bar to check it out, but Peter leaves with Quagmire’s underwear. As a result, Quagmire and Peter begin to act increasingly similar to one another. The two claim to have fixed the problem when they learn of the switcheroos, but they soon discover that more work needs to be done. When Ida and Lois learn about the problem, Quagmire chooses to leave Quahog. Old Quags and Peter embrace and make a commitment to improve their friendship before he can depart.

Meanwhile, Lois gives Stewie “Chi-Chi,” a teddy monkey, as a new hand-me-down toy. Due to the fact that this is upsetting Stewie and Rupert, he strikes a bargain with Doug to “get rid of the problem.” Stewie then goes to Doug’s house to get rid of the new house cat, Miss Tiggywinkles. Unfortunately, Stewie finds the cat to be too adorable for words and struggles to accept murdering the family pet. Stewie asks Brian to do what dogs do best to help, but that doesn’t work. Miss Tiggywinkles passes away naturally, but Doug frames Stewie, and Tyler is introduced to us.

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