Episode 4 | The Munchurian Candidate

Plot (Spoiler)

While at lunch with Bonnie, Elle, and Donna, Lois recollects her date with Peter the previous night, but expresses disappointment in the fact that he didn’t “go to Australia” with her afterwards. With help from a therapist (Naomi Ekperigin), they decide to hypnotize Peter into satisfying Lois, accidentally selecting the Extra jingle as his trigger phrase. It works nonetheless, prompting Lois to use it as often as she wants in order to keep her mood and marriage happy. However, the two later humiliate themselves at Pewterschmidt Manor when Peter hears the jingle through the TV while delivering a plate to an ailing Barbara, prompting him to perform oral sex on her instead. Meanwhile, Stewie has a modern treehouse built in the backyard, but feels insulted when he learns that Brian and Chris feigned being impressed by it. He renovates the home into a man cave, but it turns out that Brian and Chris don’t like this either. Vowing revenge, Stewie force-feeds them dry Costco quiches and almost kills them with a crossbow, but they manage to escape with more fake flattery aimed at the weapon’s craftsmanship. Stewie ultimately shoots them with a crossbow as payback, before shooting himself after seeing Meg topless. Upon getting home, Lois allows Peter to throw up in the trash, only to see Meg watching Extra as the jingle triggers him again.

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