Episode 3 | A Wife-Changing Experience

Plot (Spoiler)

At a pool party for their wedding anniversary, Peter and Lois are gifted a Range Rover from Carter, only to find that he mistakenly bought the miniature model aimed at children. Lois accepts the gift anyway, but while she is changing out of her swimsuit, Joe accidentally walks in on her and sees her naked. When Bonnie details her rekindled sex life the next day, Lois suspects that Joe was only able to perform well because he was thinking of her, but decides to keep seducing him anyway in hopes of bettering his marriage. Meanwhile, Stewie grows to love his mini Range Rover and adopts a new lifestyle to go with it. However, he discovers how much of a hassle taking care of a car is after Brian vomits on it. Stewie ultimately decides to get rid of the car after seeing another kid enjoying his big wheel and almost killing Rupert in a crash. After Quagmire rats her out, Lois confesses that part of why she is doing this is because she feels ignored by Peter, who admits that being married to her for so long has made her less exciting. After Joe tells her to stop seducing him, Lois decides to give some elderly veterans a show instead, but gets arrested alongside Peter, who tried to get back at her. The two decide that they would rather be bored with each other than with anyone else and start to incorporate more roleplay into their sex life.

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