Episode 2 | Rock Hard

The boys start talking about how poorly rock movies handle their subjects while they browse records in a store. This causes The Doors’ meeting to be repeated.

Jim Morrison downplays being serious about music in order to pursue a poisonous relationship, but the band nonetheless gets together on a beach. His lactose intolerance and subsequent need for Nestle Strawberry Quick to help calm his anxieties during concerts at the Whiskey a Go Go start to interfere with his performances; yet, his girlfriend is still able to assist him in signing a record contract. When he moves to Paris and overdoses on drugs, his career is finished because he can’t find his penis to show off during a concert. Peter concludes by saying that if you and your pals want to get over your women, all you need to do is watch The Doors.

In order to allow the guys to carry on with their conversation, Jerome challenges Peter’s claims that rock was created by white people and shares the tale of Muddy Drawers, the true father of rock.

Muddy’s family lived at the base of the Mississippi River, and he was raised in extreme poverty. He had a one-string guitar that he also used as a belt. He struck a pact with the Devil in his eagerness to become successful, and a sound mixer found out. When he started to succeed, a racist driver was assigned to him to help him get used to mistreatment. When they find out they have more in common than they thought, they become friends. However, their friendship is short-lived when they learn the driver is none other than Elvis Presley, who takes Muddy’s song and becomes well-known on his own, pushing Muddy into obscurity.

When Joe complains that Stewie is getting his own tale, Peter retorts that he doesn’t have humorous kids while Stewie chooses an Elton John record. The boys are spying on Stewie while he’s browsing records in the record store.

Though his parents was not sure about his sexual orientation, Elton always wanted to be a tax accountant. Elton would later meet his songwriter and, after signing with a producer, hits it big while trying to craft songs to convince the world he was straight. However, Elton and his songwriter have a falling out on the way to a party in the Hollywood Hills, which results in their breakup. However, they make up when Elton is admitted to the hospital. After noticing how Elton has changed, Stewie and Brian decide to target Sean Hannity with their jabs and invite viewers to join in on the show’s YouTube website.

When Quagmire interprets Peter’s statement as a reference to The Beatles, it is actually The Trashmen, and a video of the guys playing “Surfin Bird” appears. As the guys are finishing up their purchases, Peter says he wants to honor “four lads who made it all possible in 1962.”


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