Episode 2 | Bend or Blockbuster

Plot (Spoiler)

Jealous after seeing the Tubbs-Brown family enjoying each other’s company, Lois tries to get her family to spend the day together, but all her attempts fail. Peter suggests watching a movie. Shooting down ideas to watch a movie from Netflix or Amazon Prime, Peter states that they should rent a movie from Blockbuster together. With the local branch closed, he decides to visit the last one in existence, bringing his reluctant family along for the road trip to Bend, Oregon. The Griffins arrive, but Peter is barred from renting any of the movies by the clerk due to the immense late fee for his copy of Ladyhawke which Peter does not have the money to pay. They attempt to flee with the armed Blockbuster clerk and his co-worker (Haley Joel Osment) on their tail, briefly escaping into the forest and taking refuge in an abandoned cabin in the woods. As the two Blockbuster employees corner them and prepare to shoot them, Peter admits his idea was dumb, but his children don’t mind as they reveal that they always enjoy his shenanigans. Just before the family can get shot, a group of Amazon delivery drones arrive to fight off the Blockbuster employees and carry the Griffins home. Back at the house, Chris reveals that he ordered Sliver for the family to watch, but Peter realizes that they don’t have the right cables to plug in their VCR. Loading a shotgun, Lois suggests visiting the last Circuit City in St. Augustine, Florida to obtain the cables. The family is unaware of Jeff Bezos spying on them through their Alexa device.

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