Episode 1 | Oscars Guy

Plot (Spoiler)

Nearing the night of the Oscars, Peter decides to pay homage to three different Oscar-winning stories, picking each one by spinning a roulette:

  • The Silence of the Lambs – Clarice Starling (Lois) is tasked by Jack Crawford (Joe) with tracking down a serial killer named Buffalo Bill (Chris) in order to earn a spot at the FBI. When at a prison, she gets some consultation from the imprisoned Hannibal Lecter (Stewie) after being taken there by Frederick Chilton (Brian) where one of his demands is for Mario Lopez to record his answering machine. Once she is gone, Hannibal kills a guard and escapes. After Clarice slays Buffalo Bill and rescues his captive (Meg), Hannibal calls up Clarice. While he doesn’t plan on pursuing Clarice, Hannibal asks her to return a favor which she is unable to do. He ends his call by stating that he’s having an old friend “over for dinner” as he sees Frederick get off an airplane.
  • American Beauty – Lester Burnham (Peter) harbors a crush on his daughter’s cheerleading friend, in the midst of learning that his wife is cheating on him and having to switch jobs. His new neighbor (Joe), believes Lester to be gay after seeing what appears to be his son giving him oral sex, he makes an advance but is rejected. Lester is subsequently shot by the neighbor, just before he can get with the cheerleader.
  • Forrest Gump – Forrest Gump (Peter) recalls playing college football and fighting in the Vietnam War, before opening a squid boat and reuniting with childhood friend Jenny (Lois), who won’t marry him. Forrest runs nonstop for years, before meeting Jenny again and getting to meet their son (Stewie) before she dies.

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