Episode 9 | The Return of the King (of Queens)


Lois sells the Griffins’ TV in order to afford Christmas presents, much to the chagrin of Peter, who prefers network television over streaming services. Following some convincing from everyone including Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire, Peter decides to give Netflix a try, but is interrupted by Kevin James (Josh Robert Thompson), who is now unemployed due to Peter, his last viewer, losing access to his TV. Peter agrees to let James crash at the Griffins’ house after noticing how he is stuck in sitcom mode, promising to teach him how to live like a real-world man. Despite succeeding at this, James finds that his body is evaporating, which according to Dr. Hartman, is due to him losing relevancy. Knowing that adulation from a live audience can cure his condition, the two start pitching sitcom ideas for him alongside Brian and the kids. When Lois notifies them about the upcoming Nativity play at Town Hall, Peter gets the idea to have James star in it. The plan almost fails until Peter wins the crowd over with a speech about the benefits of network TV, which helps James get his body back. As old sitcom stars like Zach BraffGeorge WendtJenna ElfmanTony Danza, and Traylor Howardemerge from a cornfield, various TV executives including Les Moonves arrive and offer James some new work. With his career revived, he rises into the sky and disappears in a burst of stars. Lois also allows Peter to have his TV back. The episode ends with Stewie and Brian at 20th Century Studiospitching their idea from the earlier brainstorming session Baker’s Dozen only to find that Chris’ idea Big Wonder won over the executives first. Stewie decides to take the Baker’s Dozen idea to Scott Rudin, only for the abusive producer to throw a computer at him offscreen.

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