Episode 11 | Teacher’s Heavy Pet


At the Homecoming football game, Lois notes how Chris has been crowned Homecoming Dunce four times in a row. By manifesting the credentials, she snags a position as a substitute teacher at Adam West High following the retirement of Mr. Trampledon. Lois does this by putting on a disguise and going by her maiden name. In class, Chris has to contend with two of the cool kids (Jimmy Tatro and Jack Quaid) objectifying his mother, but by feigning attraction to “Ms. Pewterschmidt,” driving home with her, and making up stories, Chris fools the cool kids into thinking they’re having sex, quickly becoming popular much to Meg’s disgust. Eventually, the cool kids demand more proof of the relationship in the form of a nude photo of Lois. Chris snaps one while she’s in the shower and it quickly spreads throughout the school, even reaching Principal Shepherd. Upon discovering this, Lois demands that Chris fess up to everyone, but backpedals upon hearing why her son lied. She ends up contradicting his confession by lying about having sex with him, preserving his popularity. Chris’ closing narration states that Lois got six years in prison for sex with a minor. Asher died in e-bike accident. Chris married Elizabeth Hurley‘s strangely attractive son and how he took on his last name.

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