Episode 12 | Take This Job and Love It


At the Drunken Clam, Peter laments the fact that he’s stuck working at the Pawtucket Brewery and never obtained his dream job. Joe gets the idea for everyone to share their dream jobs.

  • Spoofing James Bond, Peter imagines himself as Agent 555, Lap Band. He is ordered by M (Donna) to meet Agent Alice Boobs (Lois) in Belgiumand stop the evil Blofella (Stewie), who is plotting to blow up Las Vegas with a stolen nuclear device to get out of a terrible timeshare. Lap Band and Blofella get lost during their extended casino chase, but the latter escapes by distracting Lap Band with a Santana concert. On the roof, Lap Band uses Kylo Ren‘s lightsaber to knock Blofella off the roof, saving Alice in the process, but turns down her advances after announcing that he’s gay.
  • Quagmire imagines himself as an overweight bachelor in the 1980s who invents aerobics to lose weight and creates a popular new workout craze. While promoting his invention on The Tonight Show guest-hosted by John Davidson, Quagmire meets Jane Fonda during the interview. Fonda sabotages him on set by stealing his leg warmers and leaving a note for him. With his legs too cold to exercise, Quagmire’s career plummets as Fonda steals his idea and prospers. With Quagmire’s gym out of business, Fonda visits him to gloat about her victory. Peter then fast-forwards through Quagmire’s ranting and raving towards Fonda.
  • Spoofing Lethal Weapon, Cleveland envisions himself as a member of the Los Angeles Police Department who is close to retirement. For his last assignment, he is tasked by the chief of police (Carter) to track down a cocaine cartel with the help of Sergeant Maniac, a walking loose-cannon cop who Joe envisions himself as. The two are kicked off the case after being distracted at Leed’s, but follow a lead to the docks where they find that the chief of police was in charge of the drug operation. Most of the cartel members are killed, but the chief of police claims that he has diplomatic immunity. After taking him out, Cleveland is briefly held in court only to be let go due to his illegal actions being justified.
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