Episode 15 | Faith No More


At the vet, Brian has a new tracking chip implanted and quickly falls for Emma, the nurse responsible. Despite the aspects of her life that cater to his dog instincts, Brian is turned off by the fact that Emma is an Evangelical Christian. While on a date at a Christian rock concert, Brian snaps after she refuses to have sex with him out of wedlock and wishes that Christianity never existed. He decides to use Stewie’s time machine, with Stewie tagging along after tracking his new chip, altering the past so that Jesus Christ becomes a stand-up comic as opposed to a messiah. This creates an alternate present in which Judaism is the world’s dominant religion which Brian is okay with, until he learns about what Shabbat entails. Stewie time travels to prevent Judaism from existing as well by paying Moses to walk away resulting in a completely religion-free reality. Appearing as a delivery man, God beats them up for their actions. While Stewie decides to undo this new reality, Brian refuses, but God prepares to beat them up more. The final scene of the episode and the season shows an injured Stewie and Brian singing hymns at church after undoing their actions.

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