Episode 14 | Fat Actor


Tom Tucker announces that a new biopic about Chris Christie is due to be filmed in Quahog, but Peter is upset that the lead role was given to Brad Pitt(Damien Fahey) and not an overweight actor. After protesting the matter with Brian, Dr. Hartman, Principal Shepherd, and others like him, Peter is hired by the film’s producer to be a “fat guy consultant” and trains Pitt in the plus-sized lifestyle, but not before showing him off to his friends and family. Upon becoming fat, Pitt is unable to play the role due to a thrown-out back, and Peter is hired to take his place. Christie is filmed with almost no issues, though the reception at the premiere event is lukewarm, with even Peter noting how poor of an actor he is. Despite Brian being proud of his commitment to inclusivity, Peter realizes that acting should be left to professionals, who can lend more interpretation to the role. In the final scene, Stewie mentions to Brian about how he got the acting bug and worked in a version of A Streetcar Named Desire.

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