Episode 10 | Cabin Pressure


Peter takes his family to the company picnic, where Preston offers a five-night stay at his cabin in the town of Mooseattackee, Maine to whichever team wins the egg toss. Peter and Lois cheat by using a hard-boiled egg, and despite the latter’s skepticism, decide to invite Quagmire, Joe, Bonnie, and the Brown-Tubbs on their family vacation as well. With everyone under one roof, tensions rise when Peter takes the fall for Lois clogging the main toilet, and Quagmire’s daily itinerary prevents Peter from seeing the bear show he was looking forward to. After learning that the venue is closed permanently from an employee (Patton Oswalt), Peter blows up at everyone, burning Quagmire’s schedule and accidentally damaging the cabin in the process. Everyone leaves, hurt by Peter’s comments, forcing him to repair the cabin himself despite various distractions and the imminent arrival of Preston with extra towels. Ultimately, everyone returns and apologizes after Lois tells them that the gathering was Peter’s idea, though the group fails to fix the cabin before Preston arrives. When Peter takes full responsibility for what happened, Preston is relieved to see it destroyed, revealing that he only owned it to open a legal shell corporation and now gets to save some money. The families stay with him for the remainder of the week. Peter is glad to see everything back to normal. In a twist ending, it’s revealed that the episode was just a dream Peter had while suffering a heart attack during the egg toss.

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