Episode 13 | Lifeguard Meg


At the Quahog Family Ocean Park, Meg earns a lifeguard job after rescuing Stewie from drowning in the dolphin and manatee exhibit. She enjoys her new workplace due to her newfound solitude away from her abusive family. Meanwhile, Stewie and Brian are handed ownership of a local coffee shop called Sunny Side Cup following the cancellation of its previous owner over a tweet, but forget to buy any coffee to serve the customers. Brian saves face by selling Folgers from the bodega next door, but his ruse is revealed by Principal Shepherd. The younger customers don’t mind the revelation, but Brian and Stewie are soon canceled themselves after it is revealed by someone that the former harasses AOC via DM. The two hand ownership to Principal Shepherd, who overhauls the place with a teacher’s lounge theme. Meg’s new job is ruined when Peter receives a discounted season pass, bringing Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland with him. She chases them out when they violate the rules, but ends up having to perform CPR on Peter, the procedure being mistaken for incest as the Griffins become a laughing stock. Lois is especially upset by the news, but changes her tune after Peter falls unconscious on the stairs, though Stewie resuscitates him instead. Peter apologizes to Meg for encroaching on her personal space, but his narration reveals that no one resuscitated him, forcing him to wake up by himself with permanent disabilities. In the final scene, Meg tells her family that she quit her job due to a decrease in temperature while Principal Shepherd’s coffee shop is a big success.

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