Episode 9 | The First No L


Lois is unable to enlist the family’s assistance with the holiday chores. She decides to go on a trip and let them fend for themselves rather than handling everything herself once more. She chooses to stay in a nearby hotel and keep an eye on her family from a distance, but she does not get very far.

Peter miraculously manages to finish all the Christmas-related tasks and still have time to spend more time with his children. After her scheme went awry, Lois has reached her breaking point and now wants to ruin their Christmas.

Our Opinion:

Family Guy once more reaches into its bag of tricks for a special Christmas episode. The entire plot has been used by this show before, with the exception of a few Grinch parodies and the festive environment. The plot and themes in the synopsis—Lois leaving because she feels unappreciated, everything going well, making her feel even worse, and the family demonstrating their appreciation as a result—are well-worn.

For a show that portrays itself as so sophisticated because it can mock anything, it is rather uninformed on the state of parenting today. It is no longer accepted in North American culture for mothers to perform all household duties unappreciated. Fathers today are treated exactly as poorly as mothers. Most television programs have acknowledged it and made adjustments, but Family Guy remains stuck in the past.

There is no longer a market for this kind of information. The intended millennial demographic for this show has little interest in mothers who are housewives’ servants. And it is in no way amusing that a father can handle tasks like hanging the Christmas lights or preparing dinner.

The unfortunate thing is that the show’s strength is that it frequently recognizes these social issues and exploits them for laughs. But Family Guy is out of date and ignorant when it comes to gender equality at home.

The resolution provided some amusement. similar to the Grinch parody where Stewie dressed as little Susie Loo caught her in the act while she was slinking around on the floor. Or by sending Lois three meaningful notes that demonstrate how simple it is to express gratitude. Overall, the episode had a solid dose of Quagmire, whose humor may lift the program. However, there wasn’t much effort put into making this Christmas episode special. These yearly celebrations deserve considerable consideration because they are gifts from the show to its viewers. But when a show doesn’t make an effort to produce something thrilling, it makes us recognize that they no longer have the desire to provide us with anything exceptional.

Unfortunately, Family Guy chose to air a typical episode during the holidays. Have a few recycled, old plots. a few jokes fit for a C. a few superfluous, antiquated morals. The early half of the season feels like it was abandoned, so it is the ideal festive finishing touch. After the midseason break, see you all.


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