Episode 15 | Customer of the Week

Overview (Spoilers Below):

Lois feels that the family doesn’t value her. Lois is determined to do whatever it takes to obtain her photo on the “Customer of the Week” display at her favorite coffee shop.

Our Opinion:

Over the past few weeks, we’ve watched Stewie, Peter, and Chris become involved in some peculiar situations. It’s time to put Lois in the spotlight right now. For the episode this week, she’s going to require one.
As Lois prepared her family at the beginning of the episode, she dressed Stewie and examined Brian’s butt. She works really hard to keep them content, but she receives little in return. She could only get the respect she required by triumphing in the coffee shop’s “Customer of the Week” competition. It was obvious when Lois began to receive recognition from her Alexa device alone that something was wrong. not just for Lois, but for the whole episode.

Just Lois’s numerous attempts to win “Customer of the Week” serve as the plot of the episode. This varied from paying for the employee’s pricey artwork to making Lisa, another employee, allergic to nuts so she could pose as her savior. The latter caused Lisa to be sent to a hospital and led to Lois being discovered by a security camera. When something similar occurs in other series, the audience are rewarded with endearing and amusing fails and a conclusion that fixes the character’s problem. Sadly, it wasn’t the case in this instance.

The “Customer of the Week” episode possessed characteristics found in numerous cartoon plots. However, the way it was applied to those qualities didn’t make it enjoyable to watch Lois lose the competition. Instead, it was a dismal and laughless set of occurrences that treated her just as terribly as her family had. What a great idea, guys, to make her life even more miserable.

There were a few funny moments in this episode, but overall, it had mediocre humor and left the viewer unsatisfied. When Lois labeled the roommates she tied up as gay based on the fact that they share a room, that was perhaps the one bit of humor that would get some viewers all worked up. It didn’t give Lois’s quest for acceptance any closure, thus the finale wasn’t all that great either. She was only recently detained by the authorities for binding the housemates, released after serving a six-month sentence, and received no thanks for tipping the coffee shop. I didn’t find that to be funny. It just struck me as being filthy.

The episode of “Customer of the Week” has appreciation as a recurring theme. Sadly, there isn’t enough content for me to really enjoy what it had to offer. Instead of being hilarious and endearing, this episode just came across as depressing and disgusting. All I can say is that Lois deserved a better episode after everything she’s gone through.

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