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Summary (spoilers after):

The Griffins took in and named Pouncy a stray cat. Brian, however, is not fond of the family’s newest addition. Brian makes an effort to persuade the others of Pouncy’s bad intents after learning about her genuine motivations.

Our Opinion

The 19th season finale of the show is just one week away. So it seems sense to add a new Griffin family member to mix things up a little. However, Brian was regrettably not a fan of the notion, especially if the new member is a stray cat with a sinister side.

To be fair, the program got off to a good start with a quick home improvement feature starring Peter and his buddies. Peter and the others made the decision to create their own renovation show after watching an HGTV program that incorporates Game of Thrones characters with home renovation. Since all they’re doing is converting every room—including the bathroom—into a kitchen, it didn’t seem to last very long. Not everyone, in my opinion, like to use the sink for personal hygiene.

The Five Front Doors jingle was one of the jokes in that segment’s comedy that I actually found to be extremely funny. Try, really, after seeing it, to get that jingle out of your brain. The main plot, which pits a devoted dog against a crafty stray cat for a family’s love, is off to a rather comedic start.

This episode made fun of the stereotype that cats are rude. With their claws and incessant urge to cause messes, cats can be a pain in the neck even though they are pleasant to cuddle with. Though I felt the prank involving the cat at the computer repair shop was unexpectedly creative, the gags were inconsistent in terms of their concepts. I can take what I can get because they aren’t as painful as the comedy from the program from last week.

In yet another episode, the Griffins’ typical day is turned into an unbelievable adventure. This time, Pouncy was planning to enslave Meg and turn her into a cat woman. This required Brian to use cat gadgets, such as cat toys and spray bottles, to battle off Pouncy and her army of cats in order to save her. The narrative took its implausible circumstance and made it fairly entertaining, much like the “PeTerminator” episode. Additionally, it added a tiny bit of complexity to the connection between Brian and Meg.

Meg felt that Brian wasn’t always there for her when she was being teased, it came out. She want a companion animal she could count on in trying times. It’s unfortunate that she choose a pet that was one step closer to subjecting her to bestiality. If it had taken that route, the show would have been cancelled faster than Superman. Tell me again why the authors regarded that as comedic. Meg and Brian’s relationship demonstrates how devotion differs between canines and cats. It’s safe to assume that dogs managed their various methods of soothing their owners better than cats in the end. Moments like this serve as examples of how acceptable an episode can be when humour and emotion are properly matched.

The Family Guy episode “Family Cat” offers a fun perspective on the conflict between a cat and a dog. While some of the jokes in this article were rather funny, others—most notably Pouncy dancing inappropriately with Meg—were questionable. Additionally, the scenes between Meg and Brian made the episode a little more entertaining than the scene where Meg leaves for college. We can only hope that this most recent season will conclude positively as the finale draws near.

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