Episode 13 | PeTerminator

Summary (spoilers following)

When Lois tries to make Peter eat veggies, Stewie plans to turn him into a Terminator that looks like Peter and murder her. Stewie quickly realizes that his life is in danger when the Terminator who resembles Peter arrives in the present to kill him. After discovering that Future Brian was responsible for the PeTerminator’s creation, Stewie and Brian make an effort to save their relationship and change the future.

Our Opinion

Let’s be honest. Every child on the planet hates broccoli. They frequently moan or sulk to steer clear of this veggie. However, Stewie believes that the best course of action in this circumstance is to directly borrow strategies from The Terminator.

The episode began with a distinctive opening title sequence that makes it clear what to anticipate from the plot. The opening scene shows the characters as skeletons and the surroundings being consumed by fire rather than the complete cast singing the customary upbeat theme tune. The Family Guy title, which resembled the title for Terminator 2: Judgement Day, came next.

This episode particularly wants you to know that it likes to parody parts of the well-known sci-fi series, primarily the first two movies. You have the T-1000’s liquid metal powers, the pursuit scene from Terminator 2, and Peter the Terminator showing up butt-naked. It’s essentially what would occur if Seth MacFarlane, rather than James Cameron, had helmed the two sci-fi action blockbusters.

This scene starring Stewie and Brian was not only another suitably entertaining one, but it was also a funny homage to the movie series that established Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career. Since the last Terminator movie, Dark Fate, left a bad taste in people’s mouths less than two years ago, its release schedule had a case of “too little, too late.” I believe that this was something that ought to have been made public during an earlier season of the show. You know, when everyone was raving about the Terminator movies. As Stewie said in the show, this served as an excuse for the animators to take a vacation from creating new material.

The Terminator episode is another funny scenario that highlights the complex friendship between Stewie and Brian as well as a number of Terminators that resemble some of the Family Guy characters, despite its poor timing and lack of originality. In fact, it’s so complicated that they end up kissing to save themselves from becoming enemies in the future. The humor, especially the Peter Terminator shooting the Chicken in the head, was amusing enough to save the show from being cut off. A recurring joke also involves Peter attempting to jump to the branch. To be honest, that was an unneeded addition. Not just because it wasn’t as funny as Stewie and Brian’s previous comedy moments, but also because Peter ended up falling for a female version of himself after touching the branch. I’m sorry, but didn’t he have a wife already?

I like viewing the Terminator movies, and I think this episode is another fun Stewie and Brian misadventure. Although it lacks originality, it makes up for it by highlighting the chemistry between the characters and parodying the sci-fi action franchise with satirical comedy.

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