Episode 18 | Meg Goes to College

Summary (spoilers after):

Meg runs into a Peter and Lois-caused admissions controversy while traveling to college. Stewie serves as Brian’s personal trainer as he embarks on a fitness adventure.

Our Opinion

Meg is finally leaving the nest and moving on to the next phase of her life: college, after 22 years and 19 seasons. Just to reach to that point, she had to struggle through her family’s absurd personalities. She will regrettably soon learn that no place is secure from their antics, not even college.

The college admissions scandal, which affected undergraduate admissions decisions, shocked the nation just two years ago. It took the creators that long to include it in a show about a household that includes a talking dog and a talking infant. As a result, Meg is the subject of a string of crude jokes in which her parents poop on her. Do you believe that Lois’ luck was bad in the “Customer of the Week” episode? If so, you haven’t witnessed Meg receive two concussions from Peter’s football.

In the episode, Peter and Lois attempted to use false admittance to get Meg into a reputable university. Meg eventually received admission to Brown University, but due to Peter’s persistent interference, her time there was brief. The episode depicted Peter and Lois helping Meg finish her accomplishments from the bogus resume rather than showing them having to deal with the repercussions. Meg’s amusing failure to surf over Providence Falls makes for the typical Family Guy ending. Another episode where the real-life situation’s humorous and repulsive aspects were overemphasized at the expense of the episode’s smart writing and relevant aspects.

Brian also worked out in the episode after trying unsuccessfully to catch a squirrel. He was unfortunate to have Stewie as his trainer because he wasn’t all that helpful. It’s a more watchable Brian/Stewie misadventure than the episode’s primary plot, which is another passable one. primarily as a result of Stewie turning Meg’s room into a gym. Seriously, how did he manage to fit all that gear in that tiny space?

The humor did have some amusing visual jokes, including Peter singing “Mail Time” from Blue’s Clues and Peter calling 911 in an emergency. Those who dislike the show’s gaffes and weaknesses will undoubtedly laugh at the one joke about a family of Starbucks cups watching the last season of Game of Thrones. At first, the continuous joke about Meg getting hurt by Peter was amusing. But after the third occasion, I began to question why Peter wasn’t detained for abusing children.

The “college scandal” episode is essentially the same as the “Let’s Ruin Meg’s College Life” episode except from that. Meg has endured a lot of bad things during the series in her role as the normal family member, and regrettably, this was one of them. Back then, the joke about Meg being constantly made fun of was really funny, but now, after around 19 seasons, it’s quickly losing its appeal. This suggests that Meg start looking for a different college to attend as soon as possible.

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