Episode 17 | Young Parent Trap

Summary (spoilers after):
At Stewie’s school, a couple misinterprets Peter and Lois as “younger parents.” In order to avoid leaving Meg and Chris alone at home, they ask them to reside in a millennial apartment building.

Our Take: Just based on the title, I assumed that this would be a parody of the beloved film “The Parent Trap.” You know, like how the show handled “Terminator” in a previous episode. Boy, was I mistaken. Rather, it shows Peter and Lois interacting with the hip, younger parents.
In the episode, a young couple who thought Stewie was their first child invited the Griffin parents to hang out. They viewed this error as a chance to relive their youth and have fun. They consequently made the decision to relocate to a posh apartment complex with millennial parents. Meg and Chris weren’t dismissing their concept, though. Stewie, who has joined Peter and Lois, spends time with the other young children who reside with their first parents.

For the first 30 minutes of the program, Peter and Lois are getting used to millennial technology like new smartphone apps. It was entertaining to watch them initially struggle to maintain the lie. I eventually came to understand how selfish they were for leaving Chris and Meg at home alone, though. The other young parents at the end are the same. Thankfully, Chris and Meg were able to expose their parents by dressing up as millennial parents and getting even with them.
This episode’s jokes were consistently funny, especially the ones that referenced millennials. It was also quite funny to see the scene where the African man was sprinting and hurt his foot, as well as the mirages during the music festival. Even so, it’s a typical Griffin mishap that illustrated millennials’ negligence when raising their first children.

These so-called parents just left their children unattended as they attended a music festival. As a result, all of the kids in the pool—aside from Stewie—are said to have perished by drowning. The fact that it had no bearing on the major plot was its worst flaw. Although it was intended to be funny, I found it to be somewhat unsettling. The only enjoyable parts of these portions was seeing Stewie try to get the kids out of the pool and take the leaf out of the net. Other than that, the Stewie segments were only used for comedic effect. The “Young Parent Trap” episode left me feeling like I was caught up in yet another formulaic chain of absurd Griffin events. Once more, with careless millennial parents. I’m fairly certain that no other parent wants to fall victim to this particular trap.

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