Episode 20 | Tales of Former Sports Glory

Summary (spoilers after):

Peter and his friends discuss their early sporting successes in the season 19 finale. Cleveland was a baseball star, Quagmire was a well-known tennis player, and Peter was a Philadelphia-based Italian boxer.

Our Opinion

What a way to end another Family Guy season. by highlighting the historical sporting accomplishments of three adult buddies. The show’s celebration of sports’ comeback after a temporary pause caused by the pandemic is quite appropriate. But did this party enable season 19 to end successfully?

The episode resembled a clip show that some television programs used to reward animators or announce the end of their seasons. Instead than utilizing scenes from earlier episodes, it instead includes flashbacks of Peter and his friends competing to fulfill their goals of becoming professional athletes. Although that may have been the case with this clip show, it evolved into more of a comedic filler that showed the characters’ athletic sides. Clip shows are typically lazy fillers to meet the shows’ episode-count limits.

The Quagmire flashback was, in my opinion, the funniest of all three flashbacks. In that flashback, there were numerous amusing visual jokes that added to the humor, such as Quagmire performing for the Queen—Freddie Mercury of the band “Queen”—and his siblings having their hands amputated by ball cans. How on earth was that possible? Additionally, Quagmire’s outbursts on the court served as a lighthearted parody of John McEnroe’s antics. Can you picture these two competing against one another? That would have been a really exciting game. His career also had an unexpected finale when he unintentionally crashed a jet with his tennis ball. That finale of Quagmire’s tennis dream is definitely a “what the heck” moment to behold in comparison to the ends of the other flashbacks.

The Sports Glory episode, which wrapped up the show’s 19th season, had three flashbacks that were continuously amusing. In addition, it supplied some funny jokes and Peter’s made-up boxing tale to make up for its weak premise. After completing another season, it is easy to conclude that this was a voyage that exposed its fans to numerous highs and lows in the episode caliber and weekly schedule. We can only hope that the program’s creators and FOX will address both of these concerns before its forthcoming 20th season in order to keep the show relevant.

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