Episode 8 | Pawtucket Pat


Brian accepts a new position as an online journalist. He learns some disturbing details regarding Pawtucket Pat while looking into a fresh story. Brian leads a protest to have the statue of the town’s founder and brewery’s mascot removed from the town’s main square after learning that he was a racist who stole the recipe for his beer from Native Americans.

Peter organizes his own demonstration in favor of preserving the statue because he is concerned about losing a significant municipal monument. The village is divided, and the argument heats up when Brian takes matters into his own hands.

Despite this, neither side gave the Native American community’s perspective any thought.

Our Opinion

There is no way to predict what a Family Guy episode will teach you. One night, you might hear an entire story revolve around a passing allusion to a forgotten or unheard-of 1980s film.

The next one might present a challenge to the current sitcom television norm. Then there are episodes like this one that address current societal issues and make an effort to contribute to the conversation.

More statues have fallen in the past year than at any other time in notable history. Groups from all around the world were inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement to challenge archaic images of the past. Monuments to those who engaged in racism and slave selling have been demolished in towns all around the world. The conflict between tradition and progress has now reached Quahog.

Unfortunately, the episode doesn’t really support either side of the debate. This episode suffered from the Family Guy custom of quickly ending things without complete closure because the majority of the plot was setup.

Peter says at the end of the episode that they “may win an award for this,” alluding to well-known movies about republican-minded characters changing their ways. The show, however, avoided addressing the crucial aspect of racism in favor of highlighting the worth of a massive sculptured piece of metal.

There was little room for humor because the tale was given so much attention. The episode didn’t have many cutaways and lacked the Family Guy flair that we’re used to seeing. Even Brian’s online journalistic experiences were brief. But the stand-out moment was watching Kid Rock get reprimanded by Adult Rock.

Family Guy made a bold plot choice that ultimately fell flat. This show used to present all sides with persuasive arguments while also making fun of everyone. This episode avoided engaging in the true debate by only presenting the issue and its resolution. We should be able to talk more about how we can move past statues in an entire program about racism.

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