Episode 7 | Wild Wild West


Quahog requires a new mayor. Elle Hitler, the local librarian, has Lois’s support. Peter, however, believes that Quahog must maintain the custom of having a cool mayor. He chooses Wild West, a “famous cowboy and a spokesman for everything macho,” who is Adam West’s cousin.

Lois sings a different tune when she meets the tough cowboy candidate—specifically, while making out with Peter. Due to this, Peter too has a change of heart and tries to support Hitler’s election. Peter might go too far when he attempts to undermine Wild West, though.

Our Opinion:

Since Adam West passed away in 2017, Family Guy has shown a lot of love for the late actor. Through the last couple of seasons, the show was able to pay a touching tribute and make some excellent callbacks. And almost as much as his more well-known former role, his work on Family Guy will be remembered.

However, the show has had to overuse Principal Shepherd as mayor because the fictional town of Quahog has been without one for a while. A new mayor would eventually have to take office.

I’m not giving anything away when I say Sam Elliott is the new mayor of Quahog because that information was publicly released months ago. As Wild West, a straightforward cowboy people with a lovely voice, the award-winning actor offers a role with which he is at ease. And much like West, Elliott is certain to utter some absurd things while he’s on Family Guy.

Without altering the show, the new character will undoubtedly make a few cameos each year. Given the history of the series, it is possible that the authors will experiment with the country ranch motif, but it is most likely not going to happen until the next season.

It is also difficult to imagine that the show implemented a new mayor without having a main character like Peter of Brian try and fail at the position first. Or another conventional plot along those lines, but even the mayor chosen for the episode is a surprise.

Many viewers would have been happy if the program had followed through on its suggestion and simply hired another former Batman, such as Michael Keaton or even Val Kilmer. Alf was also a choice that might be made. Even if the show had chosen to give the job to the librarian, it would not have been all that shocking. At the very least, they could have continued the joke about “hello, Elle Hitler” as the program does.

It’s wonderful that the show has found a new mayor to step into some very big shoes. And even though the show occasionally chooses what is canon episode by episode, this one will stand. Another question is how frequently we will see the new character. For the time being, we may rejoice that Family Guy delivered a respectable episode that was logical and had a satisfying ending.

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