Episode 6 | Meg’s Wedding


Meg decides to stay out at the bowling alley after failing to secure a date for the school dance. After talking with Bruce for a while, they decide to get a snack together when his shift is over. To the astonishment of both of them, their night out ends up turning into a date. They express concern about her dating an obviously gay man when she presents him to the family as her new lover. Meg, on the other hand, thinks he’s straight and refuses to recognize this. Bruce asks Meg to marry him under his parents’ persuasion, and she says yes. Although Lois is particularly upset, Peter is willing to wait and see what happens.

At the Drunken Clam, a magician leaves his vest behind, and Peter decides to start wearing it. But at a Cherry Poppin’ Daddies concert, his arms accidently break off as they become entangled in jitterbug wallet chains. They can now begin to grow back thanks to Dr. Hartman, but it will take some time. Peter struggles with performing everyday tasks, though, until that time.

After dinner with Bruce’s parents, Lois agrees to let Meg carry out the ceremony, but Meg interrupts it by disclosing that she knows Bruce is gay and helps him get back in touch with his lifelong love, Jeffery. Until Bruce confronts his parents about his life, they are in denial about their son. Bruce asks Jeffery to marry him, but when the priest declines, they must move the ceremony to the Walgreens parking lot, which Peter does with ease.

Peter’s story is left open due to the show’s length, but we are given a supercut of jokes surrounding his small arms.

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