Episode 5 | La Famiglia Guy


When Joe asks Peter to serve as Susie’s godfather at her baptism, he allows the responsibility to get to him. However, he becomes mistaken for a real mobster when he causes a ruckus at a restaurant. In order to maintain his facade, he sends Chris to Italy, where he marries a woman, and elevates his buddies to the ranks of his “gang.” They get embroiled in a number of shady schemes, but Joe worries that they might cross the actual Mafia. In fact, Peter starts to get cues that something is wrong. Joe persuades him to wear a wire after spotting a chance to do so in order to stop the mob. He also cautions Chris, whose recently married wife was killed by a vehicle bomb.

Naturally, Peter makes a mistake, and they discover that he is wearing a wire. In an effort to save him, Joe and the police rush in, but he also lets himself be taken into custody. They are saved just as they are about to be slaughtered when their captor is shot to death by a jar of Prego spaghetti sauce that Peter had earlier criticized for being store-bought.

Things get back to virtually normal, but Brian acknowledges he drank the last of Lois’ wine after suffering a string of Godfather-inspired deaths after getting into trouble with various family members. She puts him in a wood chipper after telling him she doesn’t like mafia movies but admits to watching Fargo while they are out for a walk in the woods.

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