Episode 4 | CutawayLand


Peter struggles to have a private moment with Lois while the Griffins are at the beach, and this struggle continues when they get back to their house. They set up the identical cutaway of an Australian buying a suit at the same time out of impatience, and then they vanish in a blue burst of light. They discover that they have been included in the joke. They are taken to the latest gag as Lois tries to figure together what happened after setting up another cutaway of a stuffy man at an Eagles concert. It requires a simultaneous setup to get out, but only one to transport between jokes, according to Lois. Seeing the silver lining, they decide they can finally use the power to have some alone time.

They send themselves to Tom Brady’s locker room, but his Donald Trump hat turns them away. Peter sends them to Charlton Heston’s burial where he grabs a rifle from his dead, icy hands out of frustration. With their spirits high again, Lois sends them to a spin class led by a massive pair of Swedish legs, despite the fact that Peter changes into a bicycle seat. But when a middle-aged overweight guy in filthy shorts uses him, it backfires. The kids try to report something to Joe at home, but he ignores them so he can dream about Star Wars. Chris interprets Meg’s use of the word “rager” as a synonym for an erection when she recommends that they host a party during their own alone time.

When Peter and Lois attempt to board a plane for Paris, they end up in the Robert Loggia joke from “Peter’s Two Dads.” Peter had the notion to give them the iPad Chris took when they first vanished because he is frustrated that the joke has gone on for a while. They then position themselves in a “fart air balloon,” but Peter changes it right away to a “pancake ER.” Principal Shepherd is the lone guest at the children’s house party while Meg sprains her back while dancing on a table and gets beam up to an alien spaceship. When Peter hears “You Have AIDS” being sung in the next room, he sends Lois and himself to an unlocked hospital medicine storage room. Lois is now ready to return home and starts to miss the kids, but Peter is averse and sends them back to Tom Brady’s locker. Finally hearing Lois’s cries, he wishes they were back with their family, but they join them in the locker instead. Principal Shepherd arrives home when everyone is gone and, upon discovering the house to be virtually deserted, utilizes it to host his own successful Principal’s party.

Peter and Lois realize they can no longer leap out of the locker room when they try to rectify themselves. When Peter uses the phone in the locker room to call Joe for assistance, he receives the voicemail joke “Joe Is on a Vacation” from “Encyclopedia Griffin.” When the song is through, though, Joe picks up the phone, and after making sure he isn’t just another joke, he begs for assistance in leaving. Joe sends them to the first cutaway gag to assassinate Adolf Hitler after studying an autistic fanboy’s theory. Joe begins to give them directions when Lois notices that their electricity is down, but the video cuts out.

The Griffins visit Das Gym from the first cutaway humor in the series, where a scrawny Hitler is seen glaring angrily at a muscular Jew after receiving the instructions off-camera. Brian chastises Lois for even thinking about treating Hitler with decency as she questions whether it is moral to take another person’s life. Chris then knocks Brian out on his obnoxious liberal beliefs. Meg, who has already carried out the deed and returned with Hitler’s severed head, interrupts the family fight. After leaving Principal Shepherd’s principal party, the family eventually returns home and Principal Shepherd offers them a drink. After being ill and passing out after eating contaminated oysters, Peter suddenly awakens on the beach and realizes it was all a dream. Peter requests that Lois take him home. Lois agrees, but not before she takes a piece of trash to the beach trash can and gets swarmed by a swarm of bees.

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