Episode 1 | Stewie’s First Word


When Stewie is upset in church, he decides to shout his first word (that everyone can understand). It’s unfortunate that he might not have chosen the best words for the home of God.

Uncertain about the culprit, Lois launches a witch hunt to find the person who gave her child the offensive word.

Lois discovers that it was she who Stewie overheard swearing after trying to capture everyone from Peter to the television. Lois had a mental breakdown and decides it would be better for her to leave for a unique women’s retreat.

But she does not agree with the teachings there. Lois quickly comes to the conclusion that she is not a bad mother and finds solace in her own verbiage.

Our Opinion:

Family Guy is starting off their 19th season strong. The series will have two more seasons after this one, according to a recent announcement. And to get things started this year, the program’s 350th episode debuts.

Despite all the good news, there were still a few bridges for the series to cross over the break.

Of course, Covid-19 has forced us all to adjust our routines, and Family Guy has contributed by doing as much of their episode production remotely as they can. Thankfully, you cannot even tell because the voiceovers and animation are flawless as always.

Additionally, Cleveland Brown’s longtime voice actor Mike Henry decided to retire as a result of the Black Lives Movement, which has recently gathered momentum. A decision that motivated many voice performers to make the same change and stop playing non-white characters. Thankfully, YouTuber and impressionist Arif Zahir was able to provide Family Guy with a new voice for Cleveland (not featured in this episode).

Despite the challenges, Family Guy debuted along with the rest of the Animation Domination lineup on time, and we are prepared for another complete season of 20 episodes.

Stewie finally says his first word that the family can comprehend in his historic 350th episode. Naturally, it is the most abhorrent word at the most abhorrent moment. However, Family Guy excels at making light of those horrible situations that may occur to anyone in real life. Stewie does make it up by saying his second, more sentimental word at the episode’s climax.

Family Guy still has all of its old humor tricks under its sleeve. It’s okay even if they didn’t pick up any new ones. The transitions between the cutscenes range from fourth wall-breaking to completely absurd. Although the references are still dated. For instance, a third of the episode is devoted to making fun of the defunct and thoroughly parodied Canadian preschool television program Caillou. But that’s how things work at Family Guy.

Who knows how long this series will last. On paper, the ineffective storytelling combined with the occasionally inappropriate and irrelevant gags would be enough to ruin any show. Family Guy, on the other hand, takes delight in being the antithesis of how well-made television is put together. We will also have a ton of new episodes to attempt and solve it throughout the course of the two seasons that will come after this one.

The 350th episode of Family Guy features another another unremarkable but nevertheless bearable plot jumble. However, it still manages to be a decently amusing half-hour spent.


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