Episode 6 | Quagmire’s Baby

Plot (Spoiler)

When Peter goes to Quagmire’s house, he notices a baby in a basket by the door. The baby is Quagmire’s illegitimate daughter. Quagmire then takes her in and names her Anna Lee. When the baby ends up deeply cutting into his sex life, Joe convinces Quagmire to put her up for adoption, and he reluctantly does so. Later, while at a strip bar, Quagmire cannot stop thinking about Anna Lee, and they go to her adoptive family’s home to get her back. They see how well the new family treats her and Quagmire decides that she belongs there. Meanwhile, Stewie makes an unintelligent clone of himself, and introduces the clone to Brian, who becomes interested in having a clone of his own. Stewie then makes one for Brian, and the clones perform all of their chores.

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