Episode 15 | Brian Griffin’s House of Payne

Plot (Spoiler)

Stewie finds an old script that Brian wrote, and suggests Lois read it. Reluctant to at first, Lois ends up loving it, and suggests he meet with executives about producing a drama show. Brian pitches the script to CBS, who respond positively. The producers bring in James Woods, however, who wins the role. The CBS executives then turn Brian’s drama into a comedy. Frustrated, Brian tries to make the producers return to the original plot, but ends up quitting when they refuse. Meanwhile, Meg and Chris bump into Stewie, and he falls down the stairs, unconscious. Attempting to hide the accident, Meg and Chris are approached by Peter, who suggests they frame Lois for causing the injury. Noticing her pulling out of the driveway, Peter throws Stewie behind her tire, and Lois runs him over. Lois then suggests they frame someone else, and Peter tells her they should take Stewie to the hospital.


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