Episode 18 | Quagmire’s Dad

Plot (Spoiler)

Joe and Peter visit Quagmire, and are introduced to his father, Dan. They are surprised by Dan’s gay mannerisms, however, and after Quagmire invites Peter and Lois to the Naval Ball to be held in his father’s honor, they begin arguing over the issue. Quagmire confronts Dan, and his father states that he has scheduled a sex change. The surgery is a success, and Dan emerges as “Ida.” That night, Ida and Quagmire join the Griffins for dinner. Quagmire becomes frustrated when the conversation turns towards Ida’s surgery, and suddenly storms out of the room. At Quagmire’s home, he tells Ida that he cannot deal with the change. Saddened, Ida leaves her son’s home and decides to stay at a nearby hotel. There, she meets Brian, and after several drinks, Brian sleeps with Ida which drives Quagmire into rage.

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