Episode 12 | Extra Large Medium

Plot (Spoiler)

When the Griffin family go for a hike, Chris and Stewie get lost, and Lois decides to seek the advice of a psychic. Lois becomes obsessed with the psychic, to the annoyance of a skeptical Brian. In defiance of Lois, Brian has Peter perform a cold reading on a passerby, to demonstrate that psychic readings are purely an act. Peter is struck by his success, however, and decides to capitalize on his newfound ability. Soon after, Joe requests Peter’s help in a search for a missing person who has been strapped to a bomb. Peter stalls for time during the search, “summoning” the ghost of Lou Costello and doing the “Who’s on First?” routine with the victim’s last name, which eventually results in a gruesome death when the bomb explodes. Meanwhile, Chris goes on a date with a mentally challenged girl at his school named Ellen. However, Ellen is pushy and demanding, and the relationship quickly falls apart.

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