Episode 16 | April in Quahog

Plot (Spoiler)

The people of Quahog are misled into believing that a black hole will suck up the entire planet in just 24 hours, and all life on Earth will be destroyed. Everybody in Quahog then frantically tries to live out their last day on Earth. This puts Peter, Lois and the adults of Quahog in an angry mood and awkward position when the black hole turns out to have just been an April Fools’ Day prank played by Chris and the local news team. Worse, Peter reveals his secret that he hated being around the children just before the event was called off as a prank at the point where everyone would “accept their fate.” The children shun him in anger, and Lois becomes furious at Peter for revealing his negative secret. Peter must bond with the children in order to win their hearts back before the family tears apart.

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