Episode 11 | Dial Meg for Murder

Plot (Spoiler)

Peter gets more than he bargained for when he joins the rodeo, albeit by cheating, which gets the best of him when he is raped by a bull at a rodeo. During the occurrence, Brian meets the editor for a magazine, starts following Meg as research for an article on teenage life, and discovers she has fallen in love with Luke, a prison inmate. Brian reveals Meg’s secret to Peter and Lois, who forbid her from seeing the inmate. Luke then breaks out of jail and tries to hide in the Griffin family home. Peter alerts Joe, who apprehends the criminal. Joe also arrests Meg for harboring a fugitive, and she is sent to prison. Three months later, Meg returns home a hardened criminal and abuses her family and friends. Wanting to start a new life away from home, Meg ambushes Brian in his car and forces him to drive to the pharmacy to rob the store. In an attempt to stop her, Brian shows Meg the article he wrote, in which he describes her as “far sweeter and kinder” than the typical American girl. Touched by this, Meg returns home and thanks Brian.


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